Kevin Hubbell

Project Manager

With over a decade of construction experience and the entrepreneurial spirit to bring his visions to life, Kevin delivers diverse expertise that is leading to great things for the clients of RSDC. His fascination with carpentry led him to begin his career creating custom architectural woodwork for the owners of The New York Times and Utz. From there, he expanded his abilities by helping to construct 20 miles of Rt. 22 along Indiantown Gap, build bridges along Rt. 83, set thousands of trusses at Elizabethtown College, and even excavate his own wedding site. He continued to widen his renovation repertoire on staff at a medical health care provider. Focusing on interior transformation, Kevin did everything from set cabinets to hang drywall and wallpaper.

Kevin started his own business, Hubble Construction Co., with a friend, but the partnership was stalled when RSDC convinced him to join their team. Kevin accepted the offer, becoming convinced that RSDC is, in his own words, “the birthplace of something very great for the City of York and beyond.”

As project manager, Kevin is excited about the redevelopment in the RSDC pipeline, and looks forward to continuing to preserve historical architecture. He balances honoring the existing structures with transforming spaces into newly infused centers of economic and residential activity. In his spare time, Kevin volunteers locally, nationally, and globally.